About Me


I’ve been a  hairstylist since 2007. Before hairdressing, I worked as a writer and editor. After several years working at a desk, I wanted to pursue a profession more fulfilling to me. I love the artistic element of being a hair stylist as well as the scientific side of what we do. And I love being able to make a difference – big or small – in a fellow human’s life.

I studied at the Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta and Memphis, and I became licensed in Tennessee. After working at Germantown Day Spa in Memphis for some time, I moved back home to Chattanooga, Tenn., where I worked at Hair-a-go-go and then The Hair Lounge. On March 5, 2018, I moved from Dream Hair Studio to Salon 30A, where I now take clients.

I continue to seek educational opportunities throughout each year. Some of which are french cutting courses at Jamison Shaw Hairdressers in Atlanta; balayage training at Siggers Salon in Atlanta; various color classes at Parlour & Juke in Nashville; dry haircutting techniques with Mike Karg, celebrity stylist and educator; and online courses in color, cut, and style techniques from 901 Salon/Beauty Coach as well as up-do styling from Heather Chapman Hair.